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Walking through history

Mäntlahtis dance stage

The stage was built in 1938 for the enjoynment of the villagers and the soldiers in the village. Businessman Mooses Sipilä rented the top part of the cliff for the dance stage. Armas Raussi did the drawings according to the Ylä-Urpala stage and Aaro & Aarne Raussi built it. It was funded by Armas Raussi. …

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Tar trenches

There are 4 tar trenches in the area which are still discernable. During autumn 2004 we made four walking trips toward the tar trenches which were marked on our map. Would we find them? One was marked to be found in Rakila, three in Mäntlahti. There are no markings of the trenches on the islands, …

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The memorial stone of 1788

The memorial stone of the 1788 landing in Rakila. Swedish-Finnish army landing to Brakila in 1788, memorial stone on a log cliff. In the year 1788, Swedish king Gustaf III started a war against Russia. On the 18th of July the Swedish navy invaded the bay of Hamina. Under the leadership of the general G.A. …

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The old windmill

A splendid destination for a spring or summer picnic are the old windmill ruins found at Myllykallio in Rakila. Myllykallio or Myllyvuori as it is sometimes called is situated on the left side of Museotie about half a kilometer east from Lupinmäki. There has not been found any information about the windmills history, its owner …

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The pistol stones

Alongside the old country road leading to Viipuri, at Rakila, there were two large erratic blocks behind which, according to legend, highway men hid harrassing travellers. According to another story soldiers had abducted a young man so that they could take him to join the Russian Army. His brothers stalked the abductors behind the blocks …

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Vitikka – mountain in Rakila

On the southern side of Museotie, in the village of Rakila, a short distance from the road Vitikkavuori is situated. It is worth visiting as from up there you can see far out to the sea. While climbing up there its possible to examine the ’Smugglers lairs’. On the south western side of the cliff …

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