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The memorial stone of 1788

The memorial stone of the 1788 landing in Rakila. Swedish-Finnish army landing to Brakila in 1788, memorial stone on a log cliff.

In the year 1788, Swedish king Gustaf III started a war against Russia. On the 18th of July the Swedish navy invaded the bay of Hamina. Under the leadership of the general G.A. Von Siegroth they landed to Brakila on the 3rd of August aiming to attack Hamina. They got to around 5 km from the town, when the landing was stopped by the order of the king Gustaf III and the army withdrew back to the ships awaiting at the bay of Hamina.


Mervi Hyppänen, translation in English Kati Forknall



Stone photogaphed behind viewing to Rakila bay.


Memorial stone.

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