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Tipi-like hut

Mäntlahtis Rannanpojat built a 17 square meter tipi-like hut in 2005 according to the drawings made by Arto Tauria. It’s situated north east of the village on Seppo Peltolas land. Investment funds were granted by ‘Mäntlahti, Pyötsaari & Rakila LIVE’- project.

It’s freely avaliable to all the villagers. You can get to it along a tractor road which is situated between Lelu and Kattilainen. There’s also a signed route from Lähessuontie. You can inquire about a route map from Jouko Sahala, tel. number 0500-554520.


Mervi Hyppänen, translation in English Kati Forknall



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