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Welcome to Rannantaikaa väki ry english pages. Here comes information about assosiation Rannantaikaa väki ry, Rakila, Mäntlahti and Pyötsaari villages, about local sevices and interesting places in the nature.











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About publishing..

  Rannantaikaa väki ry was established to ensure the publication of Rannanpojat Raikaa village magazine. During 2003 began the Rannanpoikien Leader + Mäntlahti – Rakila – Pyötsaari Live plan. It caused quite a confusion in the whole association and the publishing of the magazine suddenly bumped into huge burocracy. Every single page of the magazine …

About the Association..

Rannantaikaa väki ry does not attempt to make profit by its publications or by the functions it arranges. Instead it aims to further communications, be it through performing arts, written language or just by the possibility to meet other contemporary people. To start with Rannantaikaa väki ry was established during spring 2004 to ensure the …

Local history

Haminas three easternmost villages, namely Rakila, Mäntlahti and Pyötsaari are situated by the sea alongside the old Kingsroad, which leads from Turku to Viipuri. Because of the way the villages are situated they share an interesting history going back to the 1200 century, when southeatern Finland was merged with Sweden and when the King of …


Walking through history