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Mäntlahtis village shore

Boat jetty, SHALLOW, not for sailing boats.


On the northern side of Mäntlahti village there are 20 orienteering marks which were arranged there in 2005. The orienteering marks are wooden posts which have the red and white flag painted on, a number and letters MRP. You can get maps from Mäntlahtis Rannanpojat chairman Jouko Sahala, tel.number 0500-554520.   Mervi Hyppänen, translation in …

Tipi-like hut

Mäntlahtis Rannanpojat built a 17 square meter tipi-like hut in 2005 according to the drawings made by Arto Tauria. It’s situated north east of the village on Seppo Peltolas land. Investment funds were granted by ‘Mäntlahti, Pyötsaari & Rakila LIVE’- project. It’s freely avaliable to all the villagers. You can get to it along a …

Vepsu and Pulteris

On the islands of Vepsu, Pulteri, Luntti-Pulteri, Vasikka-Pulteri, Vuori-Pulteri and Tervakari owned by Pyötsaari’s landshareholders a 58 hectare nature reserve has been established by the decision of South-Eastern regional office of the Ministry of Environment. Vepsu and the Pulteri’s private protected landownership area is governed by Pyötsaari’s landshareholders and the water area by Pyötsaari’s fishery. …

Village campfire place

At the southern part of Santasenniemi there is a common campfire place.